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Miami-Dade School Board Shows Lack of Courage: Shameless Silencing of Teachers; What are they afraid

Teacher, Elizabeth Hernandez, taking on the MDCPS Board!

First, she addresses how the inept MDCPS Board spent a whopping seven (7) minutes discussing whether to grant her an extra three (3) minutes to speak at the previous school board. After wasting seven (7) minutes of the public's time, the Board denied her request - anyway!

Why not - just - let a teacher speak to the Board and public? After all did not they run for office because they want to be charged with matters of education?

Probably not...these days political positions are mere stepping stones to business opportunities or higher political office. For example, school board member Raquel Regalado aspires to be Miami's mayor. Not long ago, former school board member, Carlos Curbelo, was elected as a U.S. Representative.

See what I mean?


Ms. Hernandez says it like it is: "USING SUCH TACTIC SHOWS A LACK OF COURAGE!"

That's right. That is because the MDCPS Board does not want us to INFORM the public of the truth. Keep in mind that the MDCPS Board meetings are broadcast on National Public Radio and many savvy voters are tuned in!!!

Ms. Hernandez then goes on to discuss how the MDCPS Board is shortchanging teachers with respect to their salaries. Yes, they are violating the law with IMPUNITY.

She makes some excellent point!

Take a listen!

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