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About Us

Educators appreciate the power of knowledge!


Staying informed is imperative to fully understand how educational policies affect teachers in and out of the classroom.

Educators Educating Educators was created primarily to educate teachers as to salary related issues after it was discovered that the teachers of the MDCPS are not being fairly compensated pursuant to Florida Staute 1012.22.  But, because everything is inter-connected, we encourage open discussion of all educational topics that impact educators.


Our mission is to educate because it empowers you.     


Meet the Educators

Thais Alvarez
Attorney, Educator & Activist


Education is the cornerstone of a free society.  As an educator, I feel that it is my duty to safeguard education for future generations.  I pledge to raise awareness on the war being waged against educators - the most valuable asset in any classroom, 


Artist, Educator & Activist

Through their professions, teachers invest in the future.  Yet, politicians bankrupt  teachers' financial futures.    I stand to reclaim teachers' salaries; we must be able to afford educating children, for they are our future

Caridad Reboyro
Educator & Activist

I'm intent on demanding transparency in public education with the aim of restoring educators' salaries. I firmly believe that educators should be treated as professionals and highly regarded in society for the knowledge they impart.

Kristin Hill
Educator & Activist

I have been involved in education for more than half my life. What I have experienced, the past decade, brings me to say, "Enough is enough!"  Teachers deserve to be respected and compensated with a living wage, as we once were. Our students, too, deserve more! Our time is now!

Carolyn Troche
Educator & Activist 

I am a passionate educator and can no longer look the the other way.  Education matters.  Teachers matter.  Educators are charged to advocate for their profession and that is exactly what I intend to do.   


Elizabeth Perdomo
Educator & Parent Activist

After teaching for 17 years, I earn just $3,900 more than a beginning teacher.  I resolve to educate the public on the plight teachers face, as well as to restore teachers' salaries.  There is a mass exodus of the best teachers, as it becomes increasingly difficult to survive on a teacher's salary.     

Elizabeth Hernandez
Artist, Educator & Activist 

I firmly believe that teachers must have educational freedom and be free from governmental interference for the simple reason that educators - not politicians - know what is best for children, as it relates to their educational needs. Likewise, I seek to raise the level of respect afforded to educators, which includes raising teachers' wages.    

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