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Common Core State Standards Explained: Educational, Legal and Financial Implications

Please watch this video to obtain a thorough understanding of the Common Core State Standards.

What is Common Core Standards? Common Core and aligned assessments violate three Federal Statutes. Student-tracking system collects personally identifiable data. Tests designed by Progressive reformers. Bill Ayers and George Soros are some of the people that are behind Common Core. Common Core was created without public notice and is being imposed on schools with little input from parents. The curriculum is being written by outside special interests with no consultation of local teacher groups.1 In short, Progressives want to fundamentally transform our education system in the dark. This is outrageous; parents should be involved at every step of their child’s education. Washington wants to subvert this relationship to the benefit of crony interests who do not have the child’s best interest at heart. Progressives in Washington want to use Common Core to collect information on every student in order to create a national information database.2 This will set the foundation for mandatory early childhood education—a goal President Obama and his allies have embraced. Americans don’t need Big Brother keeping tabs on their children.3 It undermines privacy and the rights of parents. It is a fundamental transformation of our Education system. It will dismantle our form of government, eliminate parental rights and destroy our state sovereignty. View the video to get the information that you need to know:

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