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Stale, Stagnant Salary Talks: Alvarez asks, "Lip Service?"

Yet - again - the Miami-Dade County School Board considers scheduling "workshops" to address the dismissal salaries they agreed to pay - as if to fool the public into thinking that they are actually going to do something about it, right?

Well, there are actually a few Board members, Rojas, Gallon and Lubby, who appear to be sincere about turning around the dire situation the more veteran Board members created for the impoverished teachers of Miami-Dade. We. Applaud. You. Thank you!

As for the others, well, they do not appear to really be interested. And, we are not surprised.

Ms. Thais Alvarez reminds the Board that they spend way too much time "talking" and "discussing." It is time to do something!

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