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Drama at School Board: Superintendent says teacher, "LIES!" for asserting decimation of te

This was at the Miami-Dade County Public School Board meeting which took place on August 2013 - almost 5 years ago!

Watch the juicy footage in the two videos below!

"School politics is boring," said no activist teacher - eva!

Yes, some of us have been fighting the good fight for some time now. So, it is awesome that teachers are coming out of the woodwork to join us!

Are you thinking of coming out to the school board meeting?

Well, put on 'em boxing gloves! And, teacher, Thais Alvarez, isn't kiddin'!

Start watching at 1:04 approximately.

When Miami-Dade County Public School teacher, Ms. Alvarez, told the Board that the implementation of Common Core was going to cost taxpayers more than what Common Core was worth, she urged the Miami-Dade County Public School Board not adopt the Common Core Standards.

In that context, Ms. Alvarez also reminded the Board that teachers had not received raises in years -- at least since 2007!

Mind you, that was almost a decade ago. So you can imagine how much poorer we are today! I digress.

Going back to the video, please see the manner in which Superintendent Carvalho stated that Ms. Alvarez was lying.


When Ms. Alvarez fired back from the auditorium, Superintendent arrogantly replied, "...last I checked you work for me!" To which Ms. Alvarez said, "No, you work for me!" which is inaudible since the microphone did not pick up her voice.

Wow! Drama at the School Board!

Please watch this altercation for yourself!

Also, please watch through the end of the following speaker, Pam Evans, who spoke after Ms. Alvarez and corrected Superintendent when she told him, "To say that she works for someone when she is here as a citizen, she is correct in saying we pay taxes so you work for us!"

Next, watch Part II - the sequel - Ms. Alvarez's rebuttal to Superintendent Carvalho.

Ms. Alvarez tells Superintendent Carvalho that she will not be smeared - called a liar, that is! She goes on to assert that teachers' salaries have, in fact, been decimated.

But, just imagine - this was back in 2013. Five years have passed!

What is the point? The situation has gotten way worse in - just-five-years!!!!

This speaks volumes! We must not delay! If we do not act TODAY!!! Imagine where we will be in another 5 years!

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