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How to Sign Up & What to Expect at the Miami-Dade School Board Meeting

Although this tutorial is mostly general in nature, it also speaks to specifics relating to the Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Miami-Dade School Board Meeting.

Topics Discussed and Answered:

1 - The entire "Request for Appearance before the School Board" form explained. Be Careful! If you do something wrong, you may actually be precluded from speaking. Just do what I say, and you will be fine. Do not underestimate the details. They will find any reason to keep you from saying what you are there to say.

2 - Should I write that I am associated with an Organization? No, write "Self." Watch the video for details.

3 - Under your telephone number write, "I do not want an employee of the school board contacting me prior to the meeting." Watch the video for details.

4 - How to speak to both agenda and public hearing topics? Watch video.

5 - Do I have to write what I will speak about? Yes. Be as general - not specific - as possible.

6 - Is there an agenda item that you want to speak about, in addition to salary (or any other issues) during the public hearing? Maybe. Review the 18 page agenda. I will also speak to Agenda item H-9 relating to student safety during walkouts.

7 - What time does public hearing start? It starts at 6:30. Do not rush and get in an accident. Do not hesitate to ask your administration to allow you to leave early - or at official dismissal time if you work far away. I ALWAYS ask to leave early - even if there is a meeting scheduled - because this is ALSO school business. Unlike other meetings that can be scheduled any other day, this one is only this ONE day a month.

8 - T-shirts. Robert Gutierrez, the owner of Academia Couture, will be selling Educators Educating Educators t-shirts.

9 - SIGNS - Please know that you will NOT be allowed to take signs into the Miami-Dade School Board Building Administration. This does not mean you cannot bring them, but please be prepared to leave them outside. I do not think anyone would steal them! Who wants our signs!

Robert, owner of Academia Couture and his wife at one of our Rallies (June, 2016)

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