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Superintendent Carvalho arrogantly tells Miami-Dade teacher and taxpayer, "You work for me!&quo

Perched from the dais, in an omnipotent tone, Superintendent Carvalho would not only go on to tell a Miami-Dade County Public School teacher and taxpayer, Thais Alvarez, that she was lying, - even though she was not - and he also told her that she worked for him at the August 2013 school board meeting.

Superintendent Carvalho's response was due to Ms. Alvarez speaking to the issue of how teachers' salaries have been disseminated over the past decade. Superintendent Carvalho called her a liar and added that speakers at public hearings are not entitled to lie.

Interestingly, now that we know what the MDCPS Board would go on to do years later, Superintendent Carvalho openly acknowledged his long-standing intention to get rid of the steps - as far back as August 2013.

This is why we should not be surprised that the MDCPS Board used Florida Statute 1012.22 as a pretext to vanish the "magical" steps, as he would call them during the November 2015 school board meeting.

Start watching at 1:05, which is when Ms. Alvarez starts speaking, and continue watching after Superintendent Carvalho finishes speaking because that is when Pam Evans, a non-teacher activist, would echo Ms. Alvarez's words which were not picked up by the microphone when she yelled back at the Superintendent, "No, you work for me!"

Listen carefully when Superintendent Carvalho tells Ms. Alvarez, "Last I checked, you worked for me!" Faintly and in the background, you can hear Ms. Alvarez screaming, "No, you work for me!" But, since Ms. Alvarez was not at the podium when she said that, the microphone did not pick it up.

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