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Miami-Dade School Board makes a mockery of American legal system

Almost prophetically and in an ironic twist, as time would reveal teachers would be shut down for telling the truth, I began my April 2015 speech with George Orwell's famous quote:

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

Speakers CAN speak for 10 minutes

In this video, Attorney Harvey clearly explained that "the policy allows a speaker to speak for 10 minutes" as long as there is a motion from the Board. If this were a court of law, this would be used to show how these first in time statements contradict the Board's abrupt attempt to change of board policy in December 2015 - after I spoke powerfully for 10 minutes 3 board meetings in a row.

At the December 2, 2015 school board meeting, Mr. Harvey abruptly objected when teachers wanted to donate time to each other holding that the rule only allowed the donating of time under "exceptional circumstances." Note to reader: This video is in this blog and is dated December 2, 2015 if you want to watch it.

Who will determine and define what is exceptional? The taxpayers or the board? Taxpayers cannot debate the Board. The answer is clear, isn't it? The Board decides and taxpayers cannot object. Due process, anyone? What is "due process" but a faint memory of America's constitutional republic as you deal with government in the Banana Republic?

Mayoral Candidate Regaldo is too tired to listen to teachers. How then does she have the energy to run her campaign?

Regaldo says, "We've been here since 9 am. We are tired....we've spent all day allowing other people to speak." What about me? She is bothered that I will speak for 10 minutes. Is it that they know I do not mince words?

Harassment and intimidation for signing up to speak at school board meetings

Reglado even tried to suggest that I not speak about the Miami Herald article that had just been published that day entitled "Miami Dade County Public Schools teachers pay a heavy price to speak out".

Are you surprised at the title of the article?

I did not heed Regaldo's request. I went on to speak to the issue of harassment and intimidation which teachers are subjected to after they sign up to speak at school board meetings.

Yes, the Board does whatever it takes to get teachers to not attend Board meetings!

First Amendment Violation: Chairwoman Hantman tells me I cannot state names

Watch at 8:20 - I said "Mr. Carvalho" in the context of speaking to when he said, "Last I checked, you worked for me." during a meeting in August 2013. Chairwoman Hantman said she was going to ask me as a "favor" to not mention names. She added, "I do not mind you talking about what you want to talk about without saying names."

Chairwoman Hantman never objects when board members' names are spoken to compliment them, however. Double standards? You betcha!


The Miami-Dade School Board's governance is not consistent with the principles of a constitutional republic.

These are the folks running the 4th largest school district in the United States.

In one word: Scary.

IF you aren't moved to do something, what are you moved to do?

Einstein said,

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."

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