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Dog & Pony Shows at Miami-Dade County School Board Meetings

I address how the MDCPS Board is violating the law as follows:

1 - The Florida Constitution is being violated because the MDCPS Board does not respect the Class Size Amendment.

2 - Florida Statute 1012.22 is being violated because the MDCPS Board ratified a contract that does not compensate teachers as required by law.

I go on to explain low teacher morale, and the many reasons for it.

I also try to raise public awareness as to how the advertised "healthy" breakfasts and lunches are really junk food. If my child attended a public school, s/he would never eat the school cafeteria's food. Personally, I prefer to go hungry than to eat that food!

Attorney Harvey states that the Board rules allow a speaker to speak for a maximum of 10 minutes. In the December school board meeting, he would state that the rule was different because the Board quickly realized that my 10 minute speeches were very powerful, and they were being heard far and wide, as they are Broadcast on National Public Radio (NPR) and on WLRN Channel 17.

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