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Speech Duo: Like Mother, the teacher, like Daughter, the student

Miami-Dade Student Witnesses Teacher Being Intimidated

Bela Perdomo, a Miami-Dade County Public School student, speaks to how her teacher, after signing up to speak at the October 2015 school board meeting received a call from an unidentified administrator and was being questioned as to what she would discuss at that month's school board meeting. As it would turn out, that teacher must have felt intimidated, coerced or harassed, as did many others who did not attend the school board meeting. This happens often to teachers and parents who sign up to speak.

Miami-Dade Teacher Addresses Questionable "Best and Brightest Scholarship" Program and Teacher Intimidation by the Miami-Dade School Board

Elizabeth Perdomo addresses the issue of the grandfathered steps which were illegally removed. She then speaks to the very controversial and discriminatory "Best and Brightest Scholarship," introduced by Representative Eric Fresen, where a teacher must have scored a certain percentage on their SATs, which they took while they were in high school, to receive a bonus. When she holds up the iPad she shares a clip from a school board meeting dating back to May 2009, seven years ago, where school board remember, Marta Perez, told Superintendent Carvalho that the practice of calling parents and teachers when they sign up to speak at school board meetings are intimidation and must stop. This practice has been documented as going back 7 years ago. It continues.


What does this tell us about our educational system?

Something has to change. This is America.

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