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Superintendent Carvalho reduces removal of teachers' "magical steps" to a "heartb

Superintendent Carvalho called teachers salary steps "magical."

Consequently, the Miami Dade School Board and the United Teachers of Dade colluded to violate Florida Statute 1012.22.

Abracadabra they magically disappeared our steps!

Poof! Now you see them, now you don't!

The teachers are suing the school board of Miami Dade!

We have tricks up our sleeves, too!

Start watching at :30 (seconds)

Superintendent states removal of steps is "heart breaking moment." Teachers disagree, Years of service waiting to receive legally mandates steps cannot be reduced to a "heart breaking moment." Instead, it an egregious display of the disregard for the rule of law.

Yet, Carvalho - ironically goes on to say - "there is either rule of law...democary...or let's throw out negotiations...I understand the pain" (when in fact he is breaking it!). No one, Superintendent Carvalho, understand the - economic - pain more than teachers and their families, as they are reduced to poverty more and more with each passing school year.

Start watching at 4:50

Carhalho reduces the legally mandated salary steps, the Grandfathered Steps, which veteran teachers waited to earn for over a decade as mere "magical steps." To add insult to injury he states that "steps are never a guarantee," which is true during economic hardship. But, how can the superintendent justify economic hardship when he lowered property taxes, and the school board is spending money to install buses with wi-fi?

Start watching at 5:30 when he says "magical step" again.

Start watching at 6:30 when he blames the Florida State Legislature by saying that "the state statute [1012.22] would have driven us [the MDCPS Board] to do it anyway..."

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