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Outrageous Restraints of Rights at Miami-Dade County Public Schools

After 3 consecutive months of unprecedented teacher turnout, the Miami-Dade County School Board began to implement its shut-the-teacher-down tactics.

Let's face it, many teachers - people, in general - are terrified to speak in public, and for this reason, many teachers keep their "speechs" confined to walls of the Teacher's Lounge.

There are a few of us, however, who take on the podium like a cowboy takes on the bull in a rodeo. We. Are. Not. Afraid.

We were making it work. Those who shun public speaking were willing to, nonetheless, make the personal sacrifice of attending the school board meeting and "donating" their time to those teachers who embrace public speaking. We. Were. A. Powerful. Team.

Until ---- the Board got "smart."

Despite the fact that it had been a long-time policy of the Board to allow for the "donation of time" from one speaker to another, come Ms. Thais Alvarez, 3 consecutive months in a row delivering powerful, truthful speeches that were exposing the corruption of Miami-Dade County Public Schools and this would be the first month that they would start prohibiting the donation of time.

They figured. If we deny 7 of 10 minutes and leave the speaker with only 3 minutes to speak, well, that is 7 minutes of TRUTH each-one-of-these-speakers will NOT speak.

This is why my voice was so shaken!

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