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Mother asserts: "One test doesn't define my child, his teachers"

Parent Maria Victoria Ramirez's passionate, moving speech, indeed!

I get lasting chills each time I watch it.

If Ms. Ramirez's child is a reflection his mother, she's right, he must be OUTSTANDING - and most definitely UNIQUE! One-of-a-kind! Bravo, Ms. Ramirez!

Ms. Ramirez gave Miami-Dade County Public Schools a year after moving from Europe, but at the end of that year, she was terribly disappointed.

Quoting her does not do her voice justice, you must listen to her passionately tell you:

She tells the Board:

"If performing well on a test is a measure of our education, we are failing everyone."

Ms. Ramirez has noticed that Miami-Dade School Board does this each-and-every meeting, and she asks them:

"Why do we continue to silence teachers, experts and even science --- and the children themselves?"

She implores:

"Let our kids come before logistics and money, please!"

My favorite, which resonates with me personally, is when asserts this:

"The current system crushes the powerful, fighting spirit and creativity of the unique and remarkable children who do not fit the norm; this untraceable norm that defines nothing, that achieves nothing and prepares them for very little. My child is one of those kids."

She concludes with a valid question:

"If we are doing so well, why are so many of our teachers, parents and children so unhappy and so overworked?"

Parents, please join Ms. Ramirez!

Please, WE, the CHILDREN and the TEACHERS, need you to echo our concerns!

We are all shareholders of this business they have turned education into!

Let us take charge of the Board Meetings!

We, shall be the new Chief Executive Officers, all of us!

In Solidarity!

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