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Unfair Targeting & Threat of Arrest: Teacher Activist Answers Back! No Fear Here!

So, you are at a public hearing. You are a familiar face, but not one that the Board wants to see.

You approach the podium, and a few seconds after you start speaking, you notice that the volume is lowered such that your voice is not projected as far and wide. This affects you and the others who come behind you to speak to the same concerns.

Yes, it has happened where when Thais Alvarez speaks at the podium, the sound engineers lower the volume. Although this normally does not negatively impact Ms. Alvarez's speech, for her voice easily projects, it does affect soft spoken speakers who follow her echoing her protests. This is an example of that.

If the teachers who are there in peaceful protest stay silent, the microphone will not pick up our voices, and we will be, in effect, silenced.

Notice what happens when Ms. Alvarez jumps in after the other teachers request that the Board to remedy the situation: She is threaten with being taken out and possibility of arrest?

Unfair targeting - period.

This Board wants to gag the speakers who come with a message they do not want to hear! Yes, this is happening in America.

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