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Teachers' First Amendment Rights Violated by Miami-Dade School Board

The MDCPS Board is violating the speakers' First Amendment Rights by precluding them from mentioning the names of individuals who should be held accountable.

Watch for yourselves as to how the Board Attorney, Walter Harvey, denies me (and others) their First Amendment rights.

Also, watch how he limits my time to ten minutes, even though he has allowed others unfettered time to speak such that they have exceeded the 10 minute limitation.

To boot, others, such as United Teachers of Dade, President Ingram, has been granted 10 minutes without even having minutes donated to him.

But, of course, the Board agrees with President Ingram, and thus it is in their interest that President Ingram speak without limitation.

The take away is that Attorney Harvey does not apply the board uniformly as is prescribed by law. This Board is a Banana Republic which does not abide by nor adhere to the rule of law.

Attorney Harvey states that speakers do, in fact, have 10 minutes. He stated to state we have 10 minutes. In December, he would change his song and dance to say that we were not allowed to speak for 10 minutes.

How can they be in charge of educating our youth?

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