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United Teachers of Dade: the teachers' union that intimidates and instills fear in teachers


So, I get a phone call from a teacher I have never met. She tells me that she was recently added to Educators Educating Educators on Facebook, and she had no idea that we were so well organized nor dealing with Restoring Teachers' Salaries. She immediately added all of her teacher friends, as well as shared some of our posts on her personal Facebook page. She did all of this during her PERSONAL time - summer holiday - to boot!

Then, she receives a phone call from a UTD higher up who tells her that she can get fired for this activity. She contacts me paranoid through messenger asking me for my telephone. I gave it to her, and well, she tells me what I wrote in the first paragraph above.

I explained to her that whereas it is true that ANY employee can be reprimanded for using ANY social media during the WORKDAY (except breaks like lunchtime) and while using EMPLOYER COMPUTERS, that what she does on her own time on social media is her business, provided she is not promoting illegal conduct (like terrorists do before they commit their heinous crimes).

Needless to say, she was relieved to know that I am an attorney and that I provided this clarification. Poor teacher!

And if you are still scared and doubt this, you can do this look at me as an example.

Look at the Facebook page, Educators Educating Educators.


More, I am suing the union, and will be filing a class action against the MDCPS Board.


You really think you will lose your job for a Facebook post? Think again. YOU WILL NOT! And, if you do, call me. We will sue them on another claim!

Now, the question we need to ask is: WHAT IS UP WITH THAT UTD HIGHER UP?

How dare you, UTD, send your employees to attempt to infringe on teachers' civil liberties -- and the most important one of all - the First Amendment.

And then people want to know why more than 50% of the teachers do not belong to the union. It is not because we are free loaders - and instead - it is because UTD is working against our interests not only as employees of the school system but as citizens of this Great Nation.

Despicable and Shameful!

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