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Exodus: Teachers can't AFFORD to keep teaching

By design, the state legislature and local school districts are making it impossible for teachers to afford to teach. They are using what once went to pay for teachers' salaries for charter schools and testing.

Once the charter school roll out is complete, coupled with the fact that teachers are now on annual contracts pursuant to Florida Statues, teachers will be without union and labor protection. This is the end of collective bargaining - through the back door. This is the plan by design.

The outcome is predictable even though many teachers - not to mention citizens - do not see it.

In 20 years, the landscape of schools will be transformed for the worse because talented teachers will not be attracted to the field of education.

If you are a teacher this not only impacts you, personally. This also impacts the dynamic of a free society. If you have children, the America they live in will not be the America we have known.

By changing and transforming the landscape of education negatively, the landscape of a democratic nation, too, will be transformed - negatively.

By refusing to take a stand, you are not part of the solution. As you may have heard it said, you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. What will you be?

Teachers this is OUR fight. We are the educators. We must take it upon ourselves to do right by our students and profession. If you think others will fight our fight, you are mistaken. They will not. Everyone has their own fight to battle.

Please, please and please start making it once a month to the school board meeting. It is school business. It is YOUR business. A few of us will NEVER make the same impact an army of us will make.

Join us. It is a noble cause. Thank you.

By the way, instead of the union president, Karla Hernandez-Mats, taking a vociferous stand against this, she was at the school board meeting pandering to the school board members. As much as I am pro-union, it is impossible to support a hijacked union which serves to undermine labor and fails to be the voice of true advocacy for victimized teachers.

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