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Did MDCPS payroll calculate your raise correctly?

Time to take out your calculator and visit the SAP portal.

Check whether MDCPS payroll calculated your raise correctly. I already had one teacher contacting me to tell me that it is not accurate. This does not mean it will be the case for you, but you might as well check.

The MDCPS fiscal year starts on July 1st. This means you must find your last paycheck stub from June 2016.

Then, multiply your base as follows:

Grandfathered teachers hired before July 1, 2014 - .0337

Performance teachers hired on or after July 1, 2014:

Highly Effective - ..0357

Effective - .026775

Then, go to "Salary Calculations" on Employee Self Service and see your new "Base Salary."

Then do this: "Salary Calculations" minus the base salary on the June 2016 paystub.

Compare the amount you calculated from the multiplication of the percentage increase to the subtraction answer. If it is incorrect, report it - even if they overpaid you.

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