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UTD President Karla Hernandez-Mats's tweet discloses charter school connection: there's more

This is WHY you do not see United Teachers of Dade suing to get rid of charter schools.

So who is, in fact, killing public education?

Politicians on both side of the aisle who support charters get blamed all the time for insidious policies that are destroying public education. But, let's just say, as you have heard me say before, "Unions have been hijacked by those very same forces (politicans) which unions are supposed to be protecting labor from."

I say, "If you ain't against them you gotta be for 'em!" And here is proof!

Let's analyze. And, that includes not believing everything you read. This means we need to do a little diggin', but that's ok. We are willing to get our hands a little dirty - and maybe even a little smelly.

United Teachers of Dade, President Hernandez-Mats, states in her meme that the Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla "stood up for labor and public education." By the way, I wonder on whose time and dime she created that meme to tweet. It would not have been done with UTD teachers' union dues, right? That would just be awful! Keep reading!

Now for the diggin'...

A quick visit to Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla's law firm page shows us that Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla "secured a big win for Academica, one of the longest-serving and most successful charter school service and support organizations in the country...the largest charter school approval in the State of Florida to date." But, hey, don't take my word for it. Read it for yourself:

And, did you think to ask, "What is behind Academica?" Follow the money and scandals and Representative Fresen, too. Read these articles for yourself. And, if you Google "Academica Charter Schools" you can dig deeper - just cover your nose.

So, now we turn to the public teachers union, United Teachers of Dade, President Karla Hernandez-Mats, and ask her, "How can you endorse a Florida Senator who is helping roll out charter schools while making the members of the bargaining unit (teachers), to who you have a duty of representation, believe that Manny Diaz de la Portilla, in fact, supports labor and public education?"

And now, I turn to the teachers of MDCPS who are members of UTD and say, "This is what your dues are supporting."

Worse, teachers of Miami-Dade I turn to you and say that the reason President Hernandez-Mats (and former President Ingram) is so busy negotiating really bad salary deals for teachers is because what once went to pay public school teachers is now being funneled to charter schools.

I am pro-union. But, once I realized this back in 2011, there was no way I could sleep knowing I was paying dues to a union that participated in this operation:

And then - when I decided to rejoin the union to try to reclaim it - President Ingram refused to allow me in. In light of my pursuit to save labor and public education, I can see exactly why the United Teachers of Dade does not want teachers like me in the union. I am sure you can see that, too.

This is what I had to say about this matter.

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