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Attend August School Board Meeting: failing to take a stand, enables the oppressor - fear that!

Teachers, please attend the August 10, 2016 school board meeting. Be there at 4 pm.

Don't worry about signing up before hand. You can sign up there.

Bring as many people as you can to speak, as well.

Come prepare with a 3 minute speech.

I promise you: what appears daunting will be exhilarating.

You will be done with your 3 minutes are wonder, "How did it go by so quickly. I want to say MORE!" You'll be back next month...if you are anything like me!

If we do not take a stand now while we still, we will not be able to take a stand when the charter school takeover is complete and the public forum known as the school board is dismantled. Understand that when this happens collective bargaining will be completely eradicated. If you think it is bad now with a "union" the worst is yet to come.

If we are too scared to attend, fear more what is to come if we continue to hide under the cloak of fear.

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