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UTD President Matz's Special Privileges: Miami-Dade School Board allows her to violate "De

She did it again! Now it makes two months in a row - July and August - that President Matz is allowed to skirt the rules of "decorum" which Chairwoman Hantman so adamantly makes the rest of us adhere to.


As many of you know, teachers who have spoken out against school board members or other elected officials are quickly apprehended for stating names.

Yet, Karla Matz, UTD President, is given Carte Blanche to do so.

Rules are to be applied uniformly, otherwise they are fundamentally discriminatory.

Yet, Superintendent Carvalho, himself, has alluded to the fact that the school board is "democratic" in its dealings. Where is his rant about "democracy" now? Exactly. This is how the Miami-Dade County School Board re-defines democracy and gives new meaning to the phrase "Abuse of Power!"

It seems that the Miami-Dade School Board Chairwoman and Attorney are re-defining "Democracy."

In July, due to our tireless efforts to shed light on this abuse of power, WLRN wrote an article which was broadcast on National Public Radio. Click on this link to read it:

We have met with the ACLU, and they are taking a close look at whether or not the Board's actions are unconstitutional.

Watch for yourself how President Matz states names unscathed.

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