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Broward Teachers Turnout in Droves to Broward County School Board Meeting

Last month, in September, I was asked to attend the Board County Public School Board meeting to help Broward teachers obtain speaking rights after school hours. These teachers told me that they wanted to speak but could not since the only "public segment" was held at 12 PM noon, while they were teaching in their classroom, precluded from attending the Broward County School Board meeting.

Well, these teachers were not kidding. They really had a lot to say! Please watch this "short" video, which isn't really short as it is quite lengthy, but it is "short" in duration since there is much, much, - much - more footage of teachers who took the podium to speak. I just could not record it all.

After seeing how many teachers turned out to the Broward County School Board Meeting tonight, after being able to declare victory in that now they can finally speak at 5 PM, it becomes crystal clear why the Broward County Public School Board was so very adamant about not having a "public segment" after school hours.

This is what happens when teachers in Broward are afforded their First Amendment rights!

Goooooooo Broward!!!!!!

Miami-Dade County Public School teachers: Can you please do the same?

Let's do the same thing in Miami-Dade.

Squander not your First Amendment rights.

Speak up! Speak out! Speak for the children and the profession. You are professional Educators! Protect your profession!

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