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Evidence stacked against UTD? I'd say so! ~ Exceptions filed today

There's lots to say, but being that the document below is 42 pages longs, I think you will find it all stated there!

I worked on this without the assistance of the attorney working on donations because I felt that he had already done enough for the not-so-much in donations we collected.

And, besides, I had so much to say after reading the hearing officer's exceptions - which I completely disagreed with. I had to let it all out of my head before it imploded! For this reason, on a certain level - that only a few could understand - it was therapeutic to write this document. Call it what you will; I call it passion for justice!

Here it is.

Anticipated question: What is the next step? We need to wait to see whether the Commission will accept the hearing officer's recommend order, or agree to the Exceptions.

I will keep you posted.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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