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Teachers' Unions: Learn to Play the Hand

Take a look at the two images below.

What comes to mind?

These two images are nothing more than two sides of the same coin.

The Power to Strike

In this image, there is a union and the people are empowered with the most powerful tool known to mankind - the power to assemble and strike.

It has only being through this type of solidarity - and power - that a middle class has ever been able to thrive in the free world.

This is an effective union.

The Power to Oppress

In this image, there is a union, but the people are oppressed through violence and silence.

Their right to strike is squashed and poverty and misery run rampant in tyranny.

This union is ineffective.


Many unions blame the government, or more specifically, government officials and their party affiliations.

But, history is full of examples of tyrannical governments - on both extremes of the left and the right - where people still overcame the choke hold of the government's nuce.

Those who overcame never won playing the blame game. however.

Those who won knew how to play the hand they were dealt. Period.

Unions, I say it's time to play!

Play well, that is!

No more excuses!

Memo to Union Members

You pay union dues that pay your union's attorneys' fees.

What on earth are they doing if not challenging the laws that keep you oppressed?

I know that is what I would do if I were a union attorney! Is any union hiring?

Demand that your union dues are used to challenge and overturn the illegal and unconstitutional prohibition to strike.

And never forget that your union (or government, for that matter) is only as strong - or as weak - as you are. Apply pressure on your union leadership - otherwise, nothing will change. Actually, it will change - for the worse!

If you need a visual, look at the two images above.

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